Gulf Perlite manufactured AbsoPerl is a specialized absorbent made from Perlite, a naturally occurring inert mineral with strong oleophillic characteristic which make it ideally suited for environmentally safe, efficient and robust mitigation of released oils.
The addition of AbsoPerl to an area of spill causes the absorption of the liquid resulting in a semi-solid phase which enables the safe and easy removal. High porosity of Perlite coupled with its lightweight and chemical inertness makes it a useful material in many industrial applications.
AbsoPerl is a non-toxic lightweight all-purpose loose industrial absorbent that works to help clean-up spills and contaminants in all types of locations and work place environments.

  • Ease of Use
  • Highly Sorbent – Tested
    • 1:8 Absorbent Ratio (By Weight)
    • 1:3 Adsorbent Ratio (By Weight)
  • Safe and Effective for All Types of Spills
    • Oil and Water
    • Chemical Spills
    • Nuclear Waste
    • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Fire Resistant
    • Non-Combustible
  • Soaks-up Spills Fast and Effectively
    • Immediate Sorption Due to High Porosity
  • Retains and Holds Liquids Until Clean-up is Complete
  • Environmentally Friendly and Safe to Use (Completely Natural Mineral Composition)

Why AbsoPerl?

  • Leaves No Residue - No Slip Hazard
  • Lightweight
    • Easy to Handle
  • Absorbs All Liquids (Except Hydrofluoric Acid)
  • AbsoPerl is Cost Effective as it is Equivalent to Three or More Bags of Clay-Based Absorbents.
  • Where necessary, the addition of water to the powder prior to deployment can reduce dusting in high wind areas.

Quick Fact

1KG of AbsoPerl can absorb 3KG of Oil