Gulf Perlite Agro-pearl is a porous volcanic rock, designed as physical soil enhancer & the ultimate growing medium for agricultural, landscaping, horticultural and hydroponics which is applicable for followings:

  • Conditioning of the soil
  • Hydroponic & Crops growing
  • Propagation and seed cultivation
  • Indoor and outdoor gardening specially for large palm trees
  • Turf fields such as Stadiums, Parks, Golf or Tennis courses & football fields
  • Roof gardening / Green roofs substrates

Agro-Pearl is an ideal horticultural solution due to its great properties such as:

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Excellent Water retention up to four times its weight
  • Advances drainage and aeration
  • pH natural & asbestos free
  • Chemically inert, sterile , odourless, free of weeds & permanent
  • Serves as an insulator to reduce extreme soil temperature fluctuations
  • Reduces concentrations of salt and also promotes the long term effect of fertilizers.
  • Keeps pests and rodents away since it neither satisfies their hunger nor it’s a pleasant surface to walk on.

Agro-Pearl makes moisture, oxygen and nutrients readily available to plants. Because of the unique shape of each particle, plus its permanency, moisture and nutrients can cling to the crevices until the plant needs them, while the granular quality provides quick drainage of excess moisture and allows space for oxygen.

Agro-Pearl Categories