Gulf Perlite LLC produces under request and special research, specific grades of expanded Perlite for Industrial Applications, such as

  • cryogenic insulation
  • storage / transportation of liquefied industrial gases and pipeline insulations - metallurgy applications
  • filter aids for the production of juices, beverages, edible oils, chemical, pharmaceutical, and petroleum products
  • heat - resistant applications for foundries
  • absorption of industrial oils and hazardous liquids in contaminated areas.
  • LNG, LAR, LIN, LOX and Ethylene Tanks
  • Cryogenic Storage Tanks
  • Cryogenic Perlite for Insulation for Evacuated Services
  • Cryogenic Perlite for Non-Evacuated Services
  • Air Separation Units (Cold Box Insulation)
  • Cold-Boxes, Heat-Exchangers and Cryo-Drains

Why Perlite for Cryogenic Insulation:
Perlite is a 100% natural volcanic glass mineral, formed by the sudden cooling and solidification of volcanic ash, which traps crystalline water into its mass. Perlite’s most important natural property is the ability to expand when rapidly heated in Gulf Perlite LLC’s factory, at temperatures of 800°C to 1,200°C. The abrupt, controlled rise of temperature forms a white mass of minuscule glass bubbles. Perlite simultaneously melts and expands up to twenty times its original size into an extremely porous material which in turn results in superior thermal insulation and sound proofing properties, as well as extreme lightness (weighs 48-72 kg/m3). As a volcanic glass, Perlite is non-flammable and an exceptional fireproofing material.
ASTM C-549-02 Standard Specification for Perlite Loose Fill Insulation(Type-1)