What is Perlite?

Perlite, an igneous rock, is formed by the hydration of rhyolitic obsidian, a rock which is the result of rapid chilling of molten high silica rhyolitic lava. The distinguishing feature which sets perlite apart from other volcanic siliceous rocks is that when heated above 800°C, it expands up to 20 times its original size, becoming a lightweight expanded material. This expansion is due to the presence of water trapped within the crude ore.

Advantages of Perlite Filter Aids

  • Easy to handle
  • Non-toxic / non-carcinogenic
  • Environmentally friendly and safe to use
  • Economical – offers twice as much filtration pound for pound
  • Lightweight – up to 50% density advantage
  • Easy cake release
  • No color, taste or odor
  • Usable with standard filter equipment
  • Chemically inert

Gulf Perlite Filter Aids

Gulf Perlite offers consistent delivery of Perlite Filter Aid depending on customer requirement by controlling the chain of processing direct from the ore. Carefully selected Perlite is transported to our state of the art modern facilities in the Jebel Ali, Dubai.
The Perlite ore is subjected to rapid heating above 800°C under carefully controlled conditions. As a result the Perlite structure ‘pops’ consequence of the build-up of internal pressure due to combined moisture forming a multi-cellular, irregular glass bubble structure. These glass bubbles are further milled to varying particle sizes to form perlite filter aids.

The Benefits of Perlite as a Filter Aid

Perlite filter aids are lightweight, inert, impart no taste or odour to liquids being filtered and are virtually insoluble in mineral and organic acids at all temperatures. Solubility in strong alkaline solutions varies depending on temperature and contact time. Without using a filter aid the solid particles in the liquid will soon accumulate on filtering surfaces and block them.


Gulf Perlite Filter Aids are manufactured in ISO9001 environment with very low float & sink content. AquaFlow™ - lightweight filter media for swimming pools.