Perlite Portland cement plasters consist of a blend of GULF PERLITE PLASTER expanded Perlite aggregate and neat gypsum or Portland cement mixed with water for application by gun or trowel to wall or ceiling surfaces or to metal wire or gypsum lath for structural steel membrane fireproofing up to 5 hours.

  • Perlite Plaster weighs 60% less than ordinary sand plaster, thus saving 1ton over 60m2 of plaster.
  • Perlite Plaster 9 times more heat transmission resistant than sand plaster (λ=0.0833Kcal/mh°C) thus saving on heating and cooling system costs.
  • Perlite Plaster have up to 5 hours of fire resistance.
  • Perlite Plaster reduces sound transmission between partitions.
  • Perlite Plaster absorbs great amount of water vapour (up to 1Kg/m2 for 1cm width), ideal to apply for indoor swimming pools, gymnasiums, bathrooms, laundries, & etc.

GULF PERLITE PLASTER with grain size 0-1mm is produced under special specifications to be used by manufacturers of ready mortar and plaster-mortar. To make Portland cement Perlite plaster, mix required amount of water and air entraining agent in the mixer followed by the cement and mix until slurry is formed. Add proper amount of Gulf Perlite Plaster to the slurry and mix until required wet density is attained.