Gulf Perlite Construc is used to loose-fill double block walls as thermal and sound insulating, water and fire–proofing and last-for-a-lifetime natural mineral. Perlite flows and fills completely the double wall, covers all the gaps and offers full protection, avoiding ‘thermal bridges’ that appear when we use polystyrene.

  • Heat transmission coefficience λ10 = 0.038kcal/m2hoC, 22% more effective than EPS inserts 12% than EPS beads, 7% than foam and 6% than vermiculite.
  • Sound reduction coefficience Rw = 57dB.
  • 4 hours fire resistance rating.
  • Asbestos-free, pH neutral, non-smelling, eco-friendly.
  • One third the cost of polystyrene!