• Clean the dust from floor or roof surface then spray the surface with water.
  • Apply a 5mm (floors) or a 20–25mm (roofs) expansion joint in the perimeter using bulk Gulf Construct Perlite.
  • Mark the lavels using laser level and install with an aluminum straight edges, similar to applying the Cement Mortar.
  • First mix Cement with water and mixtures till a slurry is formed then add the Gulf Construct Perlite and mix manually or using a mixer for 3-4 minutes. Continue adding water to produce the desired density mix. Use a pump to deliver a substrate of 300-400m² daily.
  • Apply Gulf Perlite Construct Screed in a continuous operation until a section is completed, exactly as when applying the cement screed. Construct the screed on site within temperatures of 4 °C and 40 °C same as the common concrete. If fill’s width is up to 15 cm, apply the Perlite Concrete in one phase. otherwise for higher thickness, apply on two phases (after 2–3 hours within the same day).
  • Level the Perlite Concrete while screeding it by using an aluminum straight edge.
  • Separate large surfaces using construction joints in distances up to 3.5 meters on both directions, to avoid expansion cracks.
  • The next day scratch on both directions of the Perlite Concrete surface with an aluminum line scratcher to clean and level it. Use a small scratcher for the corners. Spray the surface with water.
  • After 3-4 days, when the Perlite Concrete surface dried spray it with water and add mixture (optionally) then glue directly the marble or ceramic tiles or apply water proofing solution or material.
Insulating Concrete Details